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When installing a new systems errors occur, testing of these systems prior to making them widely available enables these errors to be found and rectified before losses or embarassment are experienced.

An example from my experience where adequate testing didn't occur, was a product demonstrating by a vendor. Before the demonstration could be commenced, the system because infected with a virus! This required the systems integrator to rebuild the system in their lab, delaying their demonstration in a embarrassing situation that could have been easily avoided.

By testing systems prior to their deployment, these embarassing situations can be avoided. When dealing with sensitive systems like shopping carts, these situations can be very costly!

Our consultants have the skills, tools and experience necessary to test systems for security deficiences. The reports that we provide highlight the risks of the weaknesses that we find and include recommendations on fixing the problem. With an understanding of the risks, our clients can determine what deficiences need to be fixed urgently and if necessary reschedule launch dates.