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31 Mar 2011: Today is world backup day ! Backups are an often forgotten activity, as missing just one day won't matter ... or will it ?
Not only do backups protect against hard drive failures, they protect against accidental deletion, data corruption.
More can be found at the World Backup Day website.

8 Apr 2011: Keeping up to date with Software Updates can be a challenge !
Does your Enterprise Architecture include Maintainability concerns and costs ?
Do your Operations Strategies enable updates to be applied in a timely manner ?

22 May 2011: Returning from AusCERT - The theme is Overexposed !

23 June 2011: AusCERT's theme is turning out to be a very accurate and unfortunate assessment of Computer Security - The recent spate of break ins at major international businesses is evidence of the level of overexposure !