Ellis Network Associates Pty Ltd - Internet Security Solutions™

Imagine how you would respond to the following scenarios which are all to common, and understandably not commonly talked about, in business workplaces:

  • One of your employees have just walked into your office outraged at an offensive e-mail that has been received apparently from a colleague!
  • You receive a complaint from a supplier that an account manager has been seeking special treatment due to their position.
  • Your organisation is served with a series of claims surrounding alleged breach of illectual property laws.
  • There has been a breach of a number of servers, and the senior management team require assurance that critical information has not been leaked.

Our consultants have the qualifications and experience required to investigate these matters. They provide the organisations management team with the evidence, from an independant source to enable quick and appropriate responses to these situations.

In addition to the independace provided by our consultants, the processes used and experience that they have obtained, give you the confidence that this matter will be handled properly the first time.