Ellis Network Associates Pty Ltd - Internet Security Solutions™
What would be your organisation's reponse faced with the following scenario ?
  • Around 9:45, one of your security officers notices an unusual error on his screen and his computer reboots shortly after.
  • Around 9:50, initial reports filter in from the computer support staff of this problem occuring in their areas.
  • By 10:00, the CIO is phoning you, wanting to know what you plans are, as he is receiving a number of complaints from senior staff members of wide spread disruptions affecting the organisations 10,000 strong desktop fleet.

The above scenario is one that our consultants have assisted organisations with on a number of occasions.

With our experience and processes, we are able to work with clients to quickly identify the cause of the problem, and what temporary and permanent fixes can be put into place. While the fixes are being implemented our team use custom tools to track the progress of the incident through to restoration of normal services.

Using this approach, we are able to assist our customers in returning their business computer systems to normal operations as quickly as possible, reducing the losses from lost productivity and potential data leakage.