Ellis Network Associates Pty Ltd - Internet Security Solutions™

The ubiquotos use of computer systems has seen them become a critical part of current business practice - prudent owners and managers want assurance that their are adequate controls to keep their vital business information safe.

Sadly there have been a number of recent public examples of where adequate controls haven't been in place and these have adversely impacted business. In some cases, these businesses have literally gone out of business overnight!

ICT Security Governance is acheived through the policies and processes developed by your organisation to ensure that your business computer systems are operated and maintained appropriately. These policies and processes ensure that risks are identified and reported in business terms; thereby enabling the management team to ensure that these risks are appropriately managed according to the businesses priorities and risk appetite.

Our consultants have extensive experience working with the Internationl Standard for Information Security Management and its partnering code of practice (ISO27001 & 27002). Our consultants also strive to ensure security controls that are as cost effective and user friendly as possible.

We also recognise the value of integrating these standards into a businesses processes, so that security is intergrated into ICT systems in a cost effective manner, rather than a "bolt on" at the end of a project.